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Mr Paul Bridgmount - Headteacher
Risley Lower Grammar CE (VC) Primary,
Derby Road, Risley, DE72 3SU.
tel : 0115 939 7622
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Staff and Governors

Head Teacher: Mr Paul Bridgmount

Our classes are named after woodland animals. Class teachers' class names are shown here.

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Burrows (Squirrels)

Class Teachers: Miss Kirk (Rabbits), Mrs Blake and Mrs Elmer (Hedgehogs), Mr Clarke (Badgers), Mrs Elmer and Mrs Wardle (Foxes). Whilst Mrs Elmer is on maternity leave, Mrs Smith and Miss Turner will be covering her classes.

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Howe, Mrs Scott, Mrs Spencer, Mrs Thraves and Mrs Walsh

School Business Officer: Mrs Julie Walsh

Senior Midday Supervisor: Mrs Spencer

Midday Supervisors: Mrs Beardsley and Mrs Bednall 

Caretaker: Mr Mous

The school is supported and challenged by a governing body made up of volunteers from different groups. Parent governors are elected by parents of the school. The foundation governors are appointed by the local parish church. The head teacher and vicar are governors because of the posts that they hold. The staff governor is elected by school staff. The local authority appoint one member. Other members are co-opted by the governing body. We have one associate governor on our finance committee who has voting rights. It is planned that governors serve for four years from their appointment (date of appointment is recorded below for each governor). After four years they may stand for re-election, be co-opted or stand down. Governors have to declare any possible conflict of interest. Currently their are no conflicts declared.

Clerk to Governors: Julie Walsh (paid position)

Chair of Governors: Helen Davison - Co-opted Governor (19 March 2019)

Vice Chair:  Fiona Hopewell - Parent governor (2 March 2018) 

Foundation Governors: Rev P Selby (9 July 2019), Roger Jones (1 April 2018) and Meryl Lacey (1 February 2017)

LA Governor: Helen Percival ( 27 November 2018)

Parent Governors: Rebecca Martin (2 March 2018), Rebekah Sherwood (19 March 2019),

Co-opted Governors: Marie Edinborough (12 April 2016), Brian Redgraves (19 April 2019)

Staff Governors: Paul Bridgmount (Headteacher) and Michael Clarke (9 July 2018).

Historic Governors (left within the last 12 months):
Jonathan Allen - Parent governor (10 Feb 2016 - 22 Jan 2018), Shelley Down Parent governor (21 November 2014 - 21 Nov 2018), Glyn Lucas - Foundation governor (1 Aug 2012 - 20 Mar 2018), Alan Ure (2 March 2018 - 19 March 2019), Julie Walsh (10 Sept 2014 - 8 June 2018), Gayle Wardle - LA Governor (11 Oct 2017 - 1 Sept 2018), Michael Wallis - Associate Governor (7 July 2015 -1 September 2018)

We have a full governing body meeting each term and sub committee meetings in between the full meetings. The membership of the committees are set out below including who is the committee chair. The remit of each sub committee is indicated by the title of the committee. For example the behaviour and safety committee look strategically at pupil behaviour and the safety of all users of the school site. Complete remits for each committee are available on request from the school office for free.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare: Marie Edinborough, Paul Bridgmount, Fiona Hopewell and Dr Helen Percival .

Learning and Assessment:  Paul Bridgmount, Michael Clarke and Helen Davison

Finance, Personnel and Premises: Helen Davison, Paul Bridgmount, Roger Jones, Rebecca Martin.

The terms of reference for the three main sub committees (above) are below:

FPP Terms of Reference

Learning and Assessment Terms of Reference

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare Terms of Reference

SIAMS Committee:  Paul Bridgmount, Meryl Lacey, Roger Jones, Vanessa Wardle and Sophie Elmer. This is a collaboration between staff and governors.

Head Teacher's Performance Management: Helen Davison, Meryl Lacey and Dr Helen Percival.

This committee supports the profesional development of the head teacher.

Pay: Helen Davison, Roger Jones and Rebecca Martin

The terms of reference for the pay committee can be read here. 

 Annual Statement of Governance 2017-2018

Parent View Questionnaire -February 2019

 Parent Consultation-March 2018

Parent Consultation-Nov 2017


How you can contact the Governing Body.

The Chair of Governors Miss Helen Davison, can be contacted via the School Office who also holds a full list of governors and minutes of full governing body meeting.