Risley Lower Grammar

CURRICULUM Big Questions

Welcome to our "Big Questions" page. Children at Risley School are given the opportunity to think about people in other parts of the world through "Big Questions." We have had a planned programme of thought provoking questions since 2019. However, we chose not to explore a couple of questions during the lock-downs because we felt children learned better when they were able to test their views with others in discussion. Originally (2019) we had planned three  questions a year but increased this to five to help us catch up. The children have engaged with the work so well we are continuing with five questions a year.  A link of our plans is below:

Big Questions at Risley School 2019 onwards

Our last question was on pollution. Children considered this as both a local problem and global problem that impacts people both now and in the future. They have learned what the issues are, what they can do as individuals and what they can do to work with others to tackle the issues collectively. For each "Big Question" the staff create a display of children's work. Below are some example of the work they have done.

Pollution whole display

Pollution footprint one

Pollution footprint two

Pollution three

Pollution four

Pollution five

Our previous question was on access to medicine. Children from all classes contributed to a joint display that is up in the new part of the school. Pictures below

medicine whole display

medicine pic two

medicine pic three

medicine pic four

medicine pic five

In this work we linked to work done by Christian Aid in Myanmar with local partners to support vaccinations. You can find out more about this programme at: https://www.christianaid.org.uk/our-work/programmes/socialize-immunize