Risley Lower Grammar


Risley School works in partnership with children and their families. Sometimes it doesn't go as well as we would all like. We are keen to know when things are not going well and how we could do better. We focus on reaching a soluition to the problem and maintaining the dignity and welfare of all involved. If you have concerns raise them with the class teacher or Head Teacher. This can be done by email (see email address in corner below). Please do not send concerns by ClassDojo. We can arrange telephone, face to face or Teams based conversations but these would normally be after school hours.

Nearly every issue can be quickly resolved. For those very rare occasions when agreement cannot be reached the Governing Body of Risley School have agreed to follow the model complaints policy provided by Derbyshire County Council.

Complaints Procedure - June 2020   (Reviewed July 2022)

Abridged Complaints Procedure - March 2023

Persistent or Vexatious Complaints is now incorporated within the complaints policy.

A paper copy can be provided to you at no charge.